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Full color, simple background.

$25 Flat color shoulder-up
$30 Shaded shoulder-up

Single character
Simple to moderate background

$35 for flat color
$40 for shaded

Additional characters +50% of base price
NSFW +25% of base price

Single character
Simple to moderate background

Additional characters +50% of base price
NSFW +25% of base price

Flat Color - $45
Shaded Color - $60


Half-sheet (5.5x8.5 inch) illustration.
Includes moderately detailed background.

Prices listed are the base rate, final price depends on complexity of the piece.

Additional characters +50% of base price
NSFW +25% of base price

Black and white: $80+
Flat Color: $120+
Full-shaded Color: $160+


The base price includes 2 full-body poses (eg. front and back) and 2 detail shots (eg. face markings, special anatomy, important accessories), a color palette, and a simple background

Add more full-body poses for $20 each
Add more detail shots for $10 ea

NSFW content is an additional 25% of the base price

Flat color: $80+
Shaded color: $100+

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I'm extinct.

I'm a millenial originally from northern California, but reside in New England currently.

I'm mixed Japanese-Native American and identify as nonbinary and agender.
My pronouns are they/them.

I'm a self-taught illustrator specializing in using digital and traditional media to challenge aesthetic conventions and harness the ethereal qualities of the monstrous, macabre, mythological and extinct and create something new, unsettling and beautiful from them.

My partner and I also have a comic project together called An Ember Turned Flame.

Terms of Service

By hiring me, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms of service.

Payment: All prices are USD and I only accept payment through the specified methods below. Payment is required up front. For larger jobs ($50 and above), a non-refundable 50% deposit is required before work begins.

Prices/Rates: Whatever prices are currently listed are what I charge for the described work. I'm not going to haggle about my rates for any reason. Additional characters for Chibi and Character Illustration commissions are +50% of what the single character price is.

Refunds: I do not offer refunds, unless I am unable to complete the work for some reason.

Revisions: I will offer progress shots as I work and a few small edits and alterations may be requested during this time. Major revisions are not accepted past the sketch stage without an additional charge for the extra work.

Reposting: Once a commission is complete and paid for you may repost it as you wish. I do ask that credit always be given, especially if the image has been cropped in such a way that my signature is no longer visible. I reserve the right to use and post the work as I see fit.

NSFW: OK within certain limits (check with me directly to determine what I will and will not draw) but is an additional +25% of the commission price.

You can buy prints and/or merchandise of various sorts featuring my artwork and designs on the following sites: